Wok & Tools

Wok & Tools

This project is the result of extensive research into wok cooking and is based on an affirmation of authenticity and the observation that a wok is never used without a supporting cast of utensils and accessories.

Unlike many premium woks found on the market today, which simply mimic western cookware technology in an attempt to appear modern, this wok is crafted from traditional materials with tried and tested performance. While the heavy gauge carbon steel body requires a degree of care and maintenance, it becomes seasoned with use and helps to impart the food with the all-important quality and flavour dubbed “wok hei” (鑊氣), a Cantonese term which roughly translates as the wok’s breath or essence, a factor deemed essential to good wok cooking.

A similar appropriation of traditional approaches can be seen in the seamlessly integrated handle and knob, made from magnolia sapwood, which provides good insulation and long-term rot resistance. Each matching stainless steel utensil cater for a specific wok cooking requirement, including a special brush for cleaning. A flat base makes the wok suitable for use on all types of domestic cook tops, and the overall result is a utilitarian and contemporary interpretation which remains respectful of a wok’s archetypal heritage.

Produced by: JIA Inc

Date: 2010

Awards: iF Product Design Award (2012),  Red Dot Product Design Award (2011),  Design Plus Award (2012),  German Design Award Nominee (2013),  Design for Asia Award (2011),  Golden Pin Design Mark (2011)

Credit: Photo 1, 7 and 8 courtesy of JIA Inc.

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