Tea Maker

Tea Maker

Teamosa is an advanced tea brewing machine that uses convenient pre-filled capsules or loose tea leaves to quickly make perfect tasting tea.

Most hot beverage appliances on the market are typically embodied as more or less arbitrarily shaped bulky “boxes” that simply house internal components like pumps, heating elements, electronic circuitry and a water reservoir. Questioning this approach led to a form factor that compliments the brewing process and, importantly, is sympathetic to the environment and context in which the machine is used, while at the same time displaying a clear logic in terms of component layout, packaging and user interaction.

Every type of tea requires a specific brewing procedure to bring out its inherent aroma and unique characteristics. If the water is too hot or cold, if the tea leaf to water ratio isn’t balanced, or if the brew isn’t steeped for the right amount of time, the resulting drink will fall short of its potential. Teamosa takes the guesswork out of tea brewing and ensures the tea is always prepared optimally, while still offering options for individual taste preferences and experimentation.

When used with the proprietary biodegradable paper capsules, the machine will automatically detect the tea type and adjust the brew settings accordingly. The capsule is pierced open and the uncut tea leaves are flushed into the double-wall glass brewing chamber. A built-in ultrasonic transducer speeds up the brewing process and even allows for cold brewing if desired. Once the tea has finished brewing, it is dispensed through the spout into a ceramic vessel from which it can be served into cups. This procedure and the overall design, with its characteristic bamboo drip tray and careful combinations of materials, is a deliberate reference to the Chinese “Gong Fu” tea ceremony (功夫茶) and its traditional equipment.

While Teamosa is a new technology start-up backed by the HAX hardware accelerator, its origins is in a second generation tea growing family from Taiwan. Teamosa aims to facilitate and evolve Chinese tea drinking, while remaining respectful of its millennia-old traditions. The Teamosa tea brewer successfully launched on Kickstarter and raised over US$ 270,000 in presales.

Produced by: Teamosa Inc.

Date: 2017

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