Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers occupy an unusual middle ground in the kitchen landscape, somewhere in between regular cookware and small domestic appliances. In part this is due to their many controls and safety features, which often make them look quite cluttered and machine like. While pressure cookers greatly reduce cooking times, they often remain unused because they are thought of as being cumbersome, difficult to use and somewhat intimidating.

In an attempt to remove these perceived barriers, it was crucial to simplify the pressure cooker’s operation and bring it visually closer to a standard cooking pot. This required completely re-engineering the lid locking mechanism into a simple thumb operated slider which allows intuitive one-handed opening and closing. By further integrating everything into a single handle, with the pressure regulator and redundancy safety valve concentrically arranged at either end, all functional features are given a sense of hierarchy and clarity.

Matching side handles are spot welded to a heavy gauge stainless steel body, fitted with a thick encapsulated induction base for even heat distribution. The resulting product, aptly named Pascal, is available in three different sizes and comes with a set of custom steamer baskets which can be stacked inside the pots.

Produced by: Serafino Zani

Date: 2014

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