Oil & Vinegar Set

Oil & Vinegar Set

The dining table is the setting for many unspoken rituals and behaviours. In terms of objects typically found on a table during a meal, some are personal while others shared. Furthermore, certain things are used with certain types of food, or at certain times of the day, and some things make the tabletop their permanent home while others lead a more transient existence. These are some of the considerations behind these oil and vinegar cruets.

‘Cylindro’ is an oil and vinegar set for home and restaurant use alike. While the understated vessels may appear obvious at first, they are in fact carefully considered to observe our subconscious behaviours. The cylindrical bodies facilitate intuitive passing and pouring without the need to readjust the grip or align the spout. However, the visual simplicity belies the complexity hidden within. A patented cap assembly, which features hidden helicoidal channels, enable drip-free, 360-degree pouring and will return any excess drops into the bottle.

A further characteristic of ‘Cylindro’ is the difference between the two seemingly similar transparent bodies. While they share the same exterior shape they have different wall thicknesses and interior volumes, reflecting the ratio of oil to vinegar typically used - more oil and less vinegar.

Produced by: Silit

Date: 2010

Oil & Vinegar Set Oil & Vinegar Set Oil & Vinegar Set Oil & Vinegar Set Oil & Vinegar Set Oil & Vinegar Set