Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives

‘Sino’ is a limited set of kitchen knives with a unique Chinese character and designed to address most common domestic cooking needs. The set includes a large chef’s knife and a smaller paring knife, both with advanced ceramic blades which are specifically suited for cutting and slicing without the need for regular resharpening. In contrast, the traditional Chinese cleaver has a durable stainless steel blade which combines the weight required for chopping with the sharpness necessary for more delicate cutting operations. This careful consideration of materiality is further reflected in the matching double sided chopping board. Machined from laminated bamboo, it has an edge grain cutting side and an opposing end grain chopping surface which can withstand the impact of the cleaver without damaging its blade or the board itself.

Produced by: JIA Inc

Date: 2012

Awards: iF Product Design Award (2013)

Kitchen Knives Kitchen Knives