Hardware Range

Hardware Range

Goodhands is a new hardware brand established by a family run metalworking firm from Changhua, Taiwan. Changhua is the centre of metal production on the island and for many years the founders have been producing economical, high quality but anonymous metal hardware items for the international export market, often retailed through hardware stores and large chains.

The initial Goodhands collection represents a new approach while deliberately not straying far from the founders previous experience and market know-how. It utilises their metal working expertise and skilled craftsmanship across many different processes and materials including turning, casting, sheet metal forming, extrusion, spinning, injection moulding, dip moulding and various types of finishing.

Each piece is designed to be used in many different scenarios and make a positive contribution to the environment in which it is used. The result is an intriguing new range of functional hardware designed and produced with a quality and attention to detail not often found in this market segment.

The range consists of the following products:

Utility Rail System- a wall mounted solution based on an extruded aluminium section into which different functional parts can be inserted. Each insert is also made from one of three smaller extruded profiles, cut and machined in various ways to offer different functionality. These include hooks and knobs but also small shelves, brackets and hangers for cups, soap bottles or vases. This allows the user to combine different lengths of rail with pieces to create flexible solutions which suit their needs around the home.

Button Wall Knob - a playful ash wood knob in two sizes and several colours and finishes, designed to be used alone or combined. The knobs have a threaded core which, with the help of a simple insert, allows them to be screwed together in different combinations. Tier Pendant Light- a pendant light inspired by utilitarian shades once commonly found in hardware stores. Tier has a simple spun aluminium shade which rests on a flanged bulb holder made from injection moulded plastic. A separate transparent plastic part allows additional shades to be stacked if desired to create different combinations. The shade is currently available in two sizes and a selection of painted finishes.

Dip - a series of 3 threaded hooks inspired by dip moulded tools. A hook, a ring and a loop each made with a high quality stainless steel core and dipped in liquid polyurethane in a range of colours.

Notch - a set of cabinet and drawer handles made from diecast zinc. Each of the handles has a round section with a distinctive notch cut in the back to increase hand clearance and make it pleasing in the hand. The handles are produced in a wide range of standard sides and 3 finishes- polished, satin and matte black.

Tab - a set of low profile sheet metal hooks with painted tips. The hooks come in 3 types for different uses- wall (screw and screwless), counter and door.

Tetra - a coat hook inspired by the common ‘rabbit ear’ typology. Two of the prongs of the tetrahedral geometry are used as coat hooks while the third provides the attachment point. It is available in a selection of different colours and finishes and is supplied with special colour matched stainless steel mounting screws.

Several of the items will also be available in a special edition, in collaboration with OOO.

Produced by: Good Hands

Art Direction by: Five Metal Shop

Date: 2023

Credit: Photos by Five Metal Shop

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