Good Design Exhibition

Good Design Exhibition

In 2015 Office for Product Design was invited by the the Japanese Good Design Store in Hong Kong to stage a small solo exhibition in their recently completed gallery. Due to the limited space and in keeping with the store theme, we presented recent work from three different homeware clients which included several products that had been recognised with the Japanese ‘G Mark’ Good Design Award.

Extract from the exhibition booklet:

“Some of the more interesting details and qualities found in our domestic environments come not from the interior architecture itself or dominating furniture centre pieces, but from smaller, sometimes overlooked items, which have a richer and more personal relevance. Given the social and cultural importance of food in our lives, these items are often found in the kitchen or on the dining table.

As designers, we have a fascination with the role of these small utilitarian objects. We like to consider them as an opportunity, not only to address a practical need, but also to act as an important form of visual and emotional punctuation in our daily lives. Our objective is to create products for the home that embody a quiet confidence, and which reveal flashes of character and thoughtful consideration through use. They compliment the context in which they are used rather than dominate it, and while they may be ubiquitous, sometimes even unglamourous, they are nonetheless designed to stand up to the closest inspection, while never overtly demanding it.

Over the years we have continually come back to our interest in household objects as a way of refining the details of domestic life. In this exhibition, titled ‘Objectives’, we present some of our recent commercial work for the brands Thomas/Rosenthal (Germany), no.30 and JIA Inc (Taiwan), which all touches upon this theme.”

Organised by: Good Design Store, Hong Kong

Date: 2015

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