Condiment Set

Condiment Set

Condiments vary greatly between different countries, cuisines and people’s personal preferences. As a result you will often find an assortment of different bottles, cruets and jars assembled on the dining table. While there are common combinations, like salt and pepper shakers or oil and vinegar cruets arranged into coherent sets, few address the adaptable nature of condiment use.

‘Taste’ is a tabletop condiment set which allows for a wide range of seasonings and condiments to be assembled to suit individual taste and culinary customs. Different containers can be combined to cater for many types of condiments, including salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, soy sauce, chilli and other spices and dried herbs. ‘Taste’ can even accommodate toothpicks, which are also commonly found on the dining table.

The set consists of a moulded plywood stand which holds a series of test-tube like containers with different tops. At first sight the transparent glass containers remain hidden, with only the tops alluding to their function and content, thus inviting discovery. The tops have been designed to not only align visually, but also to adhere to common product typologies and codes. The round-bottom design of the glass containers prevents them from standing on their own, prompting the user to return them to the stand after use and that way ensuring the table remains orderly and uncluttered.

Given Jia Inc’s market, the condiment sets are sold as either a 4-piece Western set for salt, pepper, oil and vinegar, or an Asian version which is less prescriptive and can hold for example soy sauce, vinegar, chilli and toothpicks. In addition there are two smaller 2-piece sets for salt and pepper shakers and a pair of cruets.

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