Collaborative Robot

Collaborative Robot

This compact all-in-one 6-axis collaborative robotic arm is designed to work alongside people. Unlike traditional industrial robots which are costly, complicated to operate and require their own safety space, this new breed of cobots are specifically intended to flexibly assist workers with tasks that are either repetitive or require a high degree of precision.

To program the cobot you simply drag the head to record the required movements, which are then optimised and repeated. This makes it quick, easy and safe to change location and set it up for new applications. By attaching different end effectors and auxiliary equipment like cameras and sensors, it can solve complex tasks, such as pick and place automation.

The geometry of the cobot is highly constrained by its movements and the servo motor arrangement, so much of the industrial design efforts were focused around creating an approachable and seamless body shape that feels balanced and dynamic in every configuration - from fully extended to contracted. Other design considerations included smart cable management and fully integrated assembly and inspection panels. The success of this approach ultimately led to a wider range of different sized cobots sharing the same design language.

Produced by: Elephant Robotics

Date: 2019

Collaborative Robot Collaborative Robot Collaborative Robot Collaborative Robot