Coffee Set

Coffee Set

‘Robusta’ is a complete coffee set serving up to four persons and includes cups, saucers, spoons, a tray, a creamer, a sugar bowl and a double wall insulated cafetière. While the client company, Serafino Zani, specialises in stainless steel products, we felt it was important that the coffee should still be drunk from porcelain cups. These are therefore held in a stainless steel collar, which also forms the handle and a material link to the rest of the set.

In keeping with the holistic design approach, the relationships between different pieces are emphasised through links like matching radii on the saucers and tray corners, or the stackable creamer and sugar bowl. Other considerations are more subtle or even interaction based, such as the cafetière plunger knob that ends up disappearing flush in the lid. Since the plunger is only depressed once to filter the coffee brew, it fades to the background after it has fulfilled its function.

Produced by: Serafino Zani

Date: 2017

Coffee Set Coffee Set Coffee Set Coffee Set