Coffee Brewer

Coffee Brewer

Auroma One is an advanced single-serve filter coffee maker. It takes a scientific approach to coffee brewing, allowing users to easily experiment with different brew settings or make a consistently tasting cup of coffee every single time.

The Auroma One enables the users to control key brewing parameters like bean grind size, grounds to water ratio and filter type. With its built-in sensors, it also measures the actual amount of dissolved particles, pH value and temperature throughout the brewing process and adjusts the brewing time accordingly. That way, perceived taste factors such as strength, bitterness and body can be accurately tuned and replicated.

The machine itself is equipped with a simple interface, which allows it to be used as a standalone unit. However, when controlled through a paired smartphone app, additional functionality becomes available. For example, by providing taste feedback, the system learns over time and adjusts itself to brew coffee specifically tailored to each individual. The machine can be manually loaded with preground coffee or used with an optional docking burr grinder, which dispenses the grounds directly into the brewing chamber. Besides the standard single cup serving mode, a flight of three differently brewed shots of coffee can be made for tasting and comparison.

While the Auroma One differs in terms of its internal components, it was designed to reference recognised coffee maker typologies in appearance, materiality and use. Another key element of the design was to keep the ingredients and brewing process visible as much as possible. The enclosure is made from durable stainless steel, which has been shot peened to a lightly textured finish, whereas the water reservoir is made from borosilicate glass.

The Auroma One is the first product from the Auroma Brewing Company, a Vancouver-based coffee start-up. This project was carried out in close collaboration with the Auroma team as part of the HAX hardware accelerator programme.

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