Bike Lock

Bike Lock

‘Grasp’ is a quick release bike lock with fingerprint recognition technology. The lock records the registered users’ thumbprint data, which acts as security verification and eliminates the need for keys, codes or tethering to a smartphone. However, what really sets Grasp apart from other bike locks is the unique construction with two sprung arms, enabling single handed use. When intuitively held with one hand and the thumb on the fingerprint reader, Grasp instantly unlocks and the tapered arm ends can simply be pushed on or pulled off the bicycle frame. When released, and the thumb is removed from the fingerprint reader, it automatically locks again.

The lock is constructed from hardened steel, over-moulded with a soft thermoplastic exterior to protect against scratching the bike frame or the contents of your bag when carrying it. Powered by three standard AAA batteries the lock can be used daily for over a year, and even if the batteries run out or are removed, Grasp remains locked and tamper-proof.

As an added benefit the lock is also equipped with a Bluetooth connection, which allows the principal user to grant remote access via a smartphone app to others by sending an encrypted code through which they can temporarily connect to and unlock Grasp. This system is particularly aimed as a fleet management tool for bike sharing schemes, but works just as well for individuals who simply want to lend their bike to a friend.

This design project was carried out in close cooperation with Canadian start-up Grasp Inc. as part of the San Francisco and Shenzhen based hardware accelerator program HAX.

Produced by: Grasp Inc.

Date: 2015

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