Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

Ray is a non-contact sleep and respiration tracker for babies. Most baby monitors simply allow the baby to be heard or seen from another room. However, Ray also intelligently measures the baby’s sleep and breathing patterns, while providing detailed feedback and early warning if something isn’t right. It even captures and stores those unforgettable moments that are otherwise so easily missed. And by being connected to paired devices through WiFi/Bluetooth/GSM, parents and caretakers can safely keep an eye on the baby wherever they are.

Unlike typical products in this category, which are either cumbersome wearables or tend to look like webcams or CCTV’s, Ray takes a fundamentally different design approach. To shift the focus away from the technology itself, Ray is designed to fit into the context of the child’s room and takes cues from classic wooden toys. This figurative approach and alternative use of materials gives it a warm, friendly character. Like a small guardian who can be placed on a bedside table or shelf to peer into the cot. Ray is also happy to hang from the wall, using a simple fixture to keep the power cord out of reach.

Ray features a sensitive microphone, a speaker, a low light video camera and an embedded micropower ultra-wideband radar sensor that measures body movement and respiratory rate from a distance, even through a duvet in the dark. Besides general presence and sleep tracking, the hospital-grade sensor can also detect irregularities like fever, asthma or bronchitis, as well as acute situations that may lead to accidental suffocation.

Ray is developed by start-up company Ray IoT Solutions, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Innovation and the HAX hardware accelerator programme.

Produced by: Ray IoT Solutions

Date: 2017

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